Heat Pump Water Heater


Product Description

Green Suppliers is one the Company which has been working in the field of Water Related Works such as Water Treatment Plant, RO Plant, Solar Water Heater, Water Cooler etc. from last 4/5 years in Kathmandu and all over Nepal. From Past 2 years It (Green Suppliers) has been providing the New Generation Water Heater (Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater) for the Commercial/Industrial use, such as for Colleges, Hotels etc. The places where this kind of Water Heater has been installed by us are Maharaja Hotel, Sun Set View, Fulbari Resorts and Spa etc. This product will be more efficient, space saving and with modern Technology to provide the Hot Water @300C from with the minimum Hot Water Output Rate Starting 230LPH (Liters Per Hour) to Maximum 2900LPH (Liters Per Hour) according to your requirements. 


#Better than Solar Water Heater.

#Having Large Output Capacity Of Hot Water (From 230 to 2900 LPH).

#Space Saving

#Comes As Per Your Requirement

#Products Provide Early Payback i.e. is between 6 to 12 Months.

#0% Pollution.

#Eco Friendly

Total Input Load:                                  10.9KW/HR

Fan Input Load:                                    0.2KW/HR

Water Pump Input Load:                       0.7KW/HR

Compressor Input Load:                        10KW/HR

Compressor Details:                              Copeland Scroll ZR Series

                                                            1 No Of Compressor

                                                            3 Phase 50 Hz

Heat Output:                                        40KW/HR

                                                            34400 KCAL/HR

                                                            900 LPH @ 450C

Coefficient of Performance:                  3.6

Heat Exchanger:                                   Plate Heat Exchanger

                                                            Titanium Plate Material

                                                            GEA Germany Brand

Evaporator:                                          Air Flow Radiator

                                                            Copper Tubing, Aluminum FIN Type

                                                            Vertical Suction Air Flow Direction

Fans:                                                    Hi Cool Brand

                                                            F Class Insulated

Water Operating Temperature Range:    15oC To 60oC (Heating)

Air Operating Temperature Rage:          3oC To 45oC

Water Pipeline Material:                       CPVC, Max 8KG/CM2

Refrigerant Piping Material:                  Copper Soft Annealed

                                                            16 Guage Thickness

                                                            500 PSI Pressure Capable

                                                            500 PSI Nitrogen Tested Leak Proof

Inlet/Outlet Connection Size:                1.5 Inch

Total Running Load:                             15.5 Amps (Commercial+ Water Pump+ Fan) 3 Phase

Refrigerant Type:                                 R 407C Eco Friendly

                                                            Aluminum Composite Sheet

                                                            Powder Coated, Rust Proof

Frame Material:                                    MS Material 25x25mm 14 Guage Tube

                                                            Powder Coated

Weight:                                                325 Kgs

Sound Power                                        48 DBA

Chiller Protection:                                Hight/Low Voltage Protector

                                                            Overload Protector

                                                            Short Circuit Protector

                                                            High/Low Pressure Protection

                                                            All Process Indication Lights

                                                            Auto Temperature Controller

Pressure Switches:                                DANFOSS

                                                            Manual Reset Type For High & Low Pressure

Pressure Guages:                                  WIKA 300 PSI

                                                            WIKA 500 PSI

                                                            Glycerin Filled

                                                            SS Body

Control Panel:                                      Micro Processor Controller

                                                            Digital Temperature Indicator

                                                            Emerson Brand

                                                            Compressor: Overload Relays

                                                            Fans & Water Pump: Overload Relays

                                                            High/Low Voltage Preventer

                                                            Water Level Controller: Minilec

                                                            Wire: Polycab

Dimension:                                          4Ft Height x 3Ft Width 3Ft Length

Recirculating Water Pump:                   7000 LPH

                                                            3 Phase, 50 Hz, 1 HP

                                                            Crompton Greaves Brand

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